Research the company


The first step is to write out the job specification as you understand it and note any questions that you might have so you are prepared.


Second, it is essential that you go in armed with relevant, up-to- date information about the company. You should review and make notes from the companies’ website including current products and services, alliances, business partners, background of executive management team, history (fact sheet), case studies (press room). Additionally, look to obtain information about the companies’ direction, vision, clients, competition and reputation, etc. It is important that you go in with a good understanding of where the company fits into the industry and the marketplace. Highlight important facts that you noted and study this information as if you were preparing for an exam. Again, review this information with your recruiter before going in.


Other information can be found through the use of your favorite search engine(s) to pull up other relevant corporate details.


For corporate financial information you can use the SEC database of corporate 10K statements. You can search to locate company competition as well as senior management within an organization. Ask your recruiter for additional on-line information that might be useful for you to leverage.